Schalmont Dollars for Scholars in Rotterdam, NY

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Seniors, now is the time to start your profile. If you do not have one, click on the Students & Parents Login tab and create your ChapterNet profile.

Schalmont Dollars for Scholars® is 100% online!! All of our scholarships are administered online through ChapterNet, Dollars for Scholars's online scholarship application and student profile system. ChapterNet gives Schalmont students access to not only our scholarships, but national and regional scholarships as well as FastWeb scholarships using one online profile. Start your profile now!!

Our Student  Profile Training Powerpoint is available on the Student & Parent Login page.

Thank you to everyone in the Rotterdam community who donated at our 2017 Spring Phone-a-Thon!

Class of 2018 students should register as Student in ChapterNet. 

Click the Students & Parents tab and use the Login link to register and start your student profile.