What is Dollars for Scholars?

Dollars for Scholars is a local, volunteer-run, community-based scholarship foundation, legally affiliated with Scholarship America.

What is Scholarship America?

Scholarship America is the nation's largest nonprofit, private sector scholarship and educational support organization. Founded in 1958, Scholarship America has distributed more than $1 billion to over one million students.

Why is Dollars for Scholars Important?

Through Dollars for Scholars, we have the opportunity to provide financial support for local students who want to continue their education after high school

What is our Vision?

Schalmont Dollars for Scholars will be the primary volunteer community organization with a common scholarship application that will result in the distribution of a substantial number of financial scholarships to the senior students of Schalmont High School.

How are scholarship funds raised?

Funds are raised through the generous support of local businesses, service organizations, and individuals who desire to sponsor scholarships in their name, as well as through the fundraising efforts of community volunteers. Your donations are tax deductible. All money awarded by Schalmont Dollars for Scholars goes to assist local students. Scholarships can be established by contacting one of the Schalmont Dollars for Scholars officers.


In 2017 we awarded $8,100 in scholarships to the seniors of Schalmont High School!


Who can apply for a scholarship?

Any Senior attending Schalmont High School who plans to attend a four-year, two-year, vocational or  technical college may complete an application and be considered for a scholarship.

How are scholarships awarded?

The Awards Committee is made up of volunteers from the Schalmont Dollars for Scholars board and other community leaders. The committee selects deserving recipients on the basis of a variety of selection criteria.